EMCC Global, Practitioner certified professional mentor and coach, passionate about neuroscience, psychology, growth mindset, spirituality and energy, I am Lucia, woman, mother, daughter, sister, multipotentialite, with 15+ years of experience in managing European funded programs, training and facilitation, supporting business development, entrepreneurs and inclusivity in an international setting. I have an understanding of both top-down approach, working with public and private investors, and also bottom-up approach, working directly with the target group, entrepreneurs, teacher, parents, kids.

I coach people into living more fulfilled lives, reaching their goals, regardless if they are business objectives, life decisions or personal inquiries, by supporting them to understand the source of their theme, to explore ideas and open up to new perspectives.

I strongly believe that we are whole beings and any change we make will impact all areas of our lives and I am happy to be the trusted thinking partner my clients need, grateful for each journey we take together into the depth of who they are.


A transformational journey, a lighthouse, that will show you the way, whenever you get lost. Read more here.


Delivering high quality learning experiences, facilitating conversations and speaking on a variety of subjects like project management, entrepreneurship, digital skills, balance. Read more here.


Developing entrepreneurship programs and a healthy support system for entrepreneurs, taking them from idea to market, offering guidance, access to resources, coaching and mentoring. Read more here.
Content creation

I love to write and I believe writing is a powerful tool in connecting the dots. Read more here.

Let’s build something together.


Book recommendation ..:: The psychology of Money ::..

The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, “I can do whatever I want, when I want, with who I want, for as long as I want.” This, more than your salary, more than the size of your hours, more than the prestige of your job, more than…

9 ways to make people wonder

When we make people wonder, we open up the possibility for them to come to their own conclusions and understand things in their own way. We give them the space to think critically and to ask questions. This can be especially important in situations where there is disagreement or conflict. By making people wonder, you…


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  • I feel that she guided me and offered constant support in a difficult and challenging time for me and, in the same time, opened a path towards my self discovery in a profound and gentle way. Lucia offered me the clarity I needed to understand the context I was in and to understand myself, thus I was able to make better conscious decisions.

    She is my superpower coach, who considerably increased my life quality overall.

    Cezara Copacianu, Communication Manager

  • I know Lucia since 2008 and therefore I can attest some of her professional skills and personal style. Lucia has a very calm and gentile style to manage and coordinate projects and activities, always keeping in focus the final objectives, regardless the difficulties or unpredictable obstacles that may happen. She’s extremely honest, following honorable principles and has a rare sense of loyalty to their friends. In short: she’s someone that I hope to keep working in the future.

    Mihaela Carata – Owner I Executive Director, Nitro Nobel Group

  • Lucia is passionate about everything she does and pursues that all the projects she coordinates have a real and relevant impact not only for the direct beneficiaries but also for the society in general. She likes to create bridges and connections between actors from different ecosystems and always does it with energy and passion. She is a professional who knows how to prevent, negotiate and control critical situations. She is always open to exchange ideas, experiences, new methodologies and i love working with her. 

    Mihaela Frunzeti – Program Manager, Impact Hub Bucharest