I feel that she guided me and offered constant support in a difficult and challenging time for me and, in the same time, opened a path towards my self discovery in a profound and gentle way. Lucia offered me the clarity I needed to understand the context I was in and to understand myself, thus I was able to make better conscious decisions.

She is my superpower coach, who considerably increased my life quality overall.

Cezara Copacianu, Communication Manager

I know Lucia since 2008 and therefore I can attest some of her professional skills and personal style. Lucia has a very calm and gentile style to manage and coordinate projects and activities, always keeping in focus the final objectives, regardless the difficulties or unpredictable obstacles that may happen. She’s extremely honest, following honorable principles and has a rare sense of loyalty to their friends. In short: she’s someone that I hope to keep working in the future.

Mihaela Carata – Owner I Executive Director, Nitro Nobel Group

Lucia is passionate about everything she does and pursues that all the projects she coordinates have a real and relevant impact not only for the direct beneficiaries but also for the society in general. She likes to create bridges and connections between actors from different ecosystems and always does it with energy and passion. She is a professional who knows how to prevent, negotiate and control critical situations. She is always open to exchange ideas, experiences, new methodologies and i love working with her. 

Mihaela Frunzeti – Program Manager, Impact Hub Bucharest

First time when I met Lucia it was at a class focused on methods and project management, a course where Lucia was my trainer. Her great ability to communicate and focus the entire team, her remarkable capability of developing creative solutions in front of tremendous obstacles and her professional responsability made Lucia to be my working mentor.

Laurentiu Mosoiu – Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, Sparkware Technologies

I only had a chance to meet Lucia for three days on a Project Management training but during those three days she showed herself as a very intelligent and a communicative person and showed knowledge in most areas in the large field of business and management. She was also a great team-player.

Aurel Simion – Director, Alchim Expert

It was a pleasure to work together with Lucia, who was a organized Project Manager. Lucia is a eager, energetic, result driven and self motivated person. She is a responsible professional able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Ioana Dragne – Client Relationship Manager/International Recruiter, ADP

I appreciate Lucia for her open personality and her continuous willingness to learn more and contribute. She is always ready to listen, learn and share. I was impressed by both Lucia’s attitude towards her work and her performance on the job. Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop productive working relationships. She is self-motivated; work independently, as well as in a team with other trainers. 

Gheorghe Stefanescu – Executive Partner, Evolutiv Consultants Network

I had the chance to know Lucia both as a trainer and as a colleague. She is an open-minded person, always 100% in her projects. She is extremely pleasant to work with, given that she knows how to listen and how to negotiate. As a trainer, she is very calm and always delivers on time.

Raluca Petre-Sandor – Project Manager, ONU

I worked with Lucia for a period of time in which we developed a project management themed training and several European funded projects. As a team member she is always on time, very organised, completely dedicated to her team and the objectives she takes on. Apart from the amazing energy and commitment she puts into all her projects Lucia is a problem solver and a highly skilled professional which I would recommend for any line of work including management and training. 

Silvia Nicoleta Ivanciu – Project Manager, Stefanini Institute EMEA

Lucia is a very responsible person. She has a rare ability to build relations with people and the right attitude in face of organisational challenges. Other strong point of Lucia is their capability to identify creative solution in order to overcome professional obstacles.

Marian Burtea – Manager, BMI Publishing