Content Creation

I always loved to write. Ever since I was a child when I used to write poems and journals, and later down the road moving to blogging. Throughout my professional career I had to develop training programs, to write project applications and event presentations.

Moreover I love to draw and paint and this turned into graphic design skills and I am now working on developing my graphic recording skills as well.

It’s interesting that both types of content, writing or visualization, require similar abilities: to research the topic, to understand various points of view, to integrate the information into one coherent piece of content, which transmits the message you intended, to create a visual aspect which makes the material easy to read and understand.

Co-author of the book “European Rural Entrepreneur”, published in 2012, today I write mostly here, on my parenting blog and on my social pages, but content creation is a skill I use every day while composing a new program, a new email to a potential client, a new presentation etc.

Let’s build something together.