Program development

I’ve been involved in a variety of projects in the last 15 years. I first started with small marketing research project based collaborations in my university years, to later join a business development unit within the largest training and consultancy company, at the time, in Romania. I started as an assistant and grew fast to becoming a full time consultant and project manager, after 2 years developing my first EU funded project with a budget over 1 mil. EUR. The programs were about HR function as a business partner and developing the appropriate skills for employees to thrive, be motivated and take the company to the next level.

Moving from training and consultancy, in order to increase my impact I later focused on educational projects and I developed teacher training programs.

Now I develop programs for entrepreneurs, where they can develop their skills and thrive on the market. Moreover I work within an international setting, with various funding partners, public and private entities, and through my various role in various projects I came to have a 360 degrees overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystem – as an investor, as entrepreneur, as program manager, as business monitor, as mentor and trainer.

Let’s build something together.